Zaldy is the renowned fashion designer and two time Emmy Award winning costume designer who for over a decade has straddled the twin genres of fashion and costume design to create timeless, beautifully crafted clothing. Since the launch of his namesake collection in 2002 Zaldy has shown a singular vision of modern design: effortlessly confident and inherently cool.

Zaldy's aesthetic ranges from the obsessively ornate to the sleekly tailored, always executed with a bohemian edge and theatrical flair. These qualities have led him to imagine stage looks for many of the most celebrated performers of our time: Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears among them, as well as designing three major productions for Cirque du Soleil. From 2004 to 2007, Zaldy was the head designer of Gwen Stefani's highly successful L.A.M.B. collection, which fused streetwear elements with the singer's signature glam-punk look.

Zaldy's understanding of women and personalities is in no doubt owed to his coming up in the downtown New York scene of the 1990's during which he witnessed the heyday of a glamorous clubbing culture. While studying at Parsons and the Fashion Institute of Technology, Zaldy became a fixture of a scene that pushed the boundaries of art, beauty and style. This fearless creativity remains felt in the clothes he creates today for his growing circle of audacious muses.